Bluebell Vineyard

Grown and made in Winnie the Pooh country around the Ashdown Forest in Mid-Sussex. Kiwi winemaker Kevin Sutherland makes a wonderful range of English sparklers under the Hindleap label and new from the 2018 harvest, still Ashdown wines. 

Set amidst bluebell-strewn woods from which the vineyard derives its name, Bluebell Vineyard Estates is a family-run vineyard and winery with a passion for producing world class still and sparkling wines. 

Established on the site of a former pig farm, the transition from swine to vine began as a hobby: the creation of a fine wine collection, an eye opening visit to Romaneé Conti in France and the belief that truly exceptional wines can be produced in England.  The site, once home to thousands of Large Whites, Landrace and Blue Cross Pigs is now home to over 100,000 vines growing premium quality Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier vines along with Seyval Blanc, Bacchus, Ortega, Chasselas and Merlot.

Since the first plantings in 2005, the vineyard has more than doubled in size and there now nearly 100 acres under-vine stretching across East and West Sussex. They craft their wines using the traditional method of production and strive to produce wines with the perfect balance of fruit character, acidity and ageing.  All Bluebell wines are vintage wines, that is to say they are made exclusively from grapes grown in a single year. This means that every Hindleap and Ashdown Vintage is unique.

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