Food and Wine Matching Challenge! Win a £10 voucher.

Wine and food pairing is seen as somewhat of a dark art, and we're all a little afraid of getting it wrong, committing some horrendous culinary faux pas. Imagine an H.M.Bateman cartoon, "The man who served Cabernet Sauvignon with Dover Sole".

We all have a vague idea of what wine goes with what food, the big brush strokes if you like: a hefty red with roast beef, a Sauternes with foie gras. But the day to day menu choices often leave people in the dark. If you scour supermarket wines for clues you're left no better off, how can a wine go perfectly with both creamy chicken dishes and pasta? 

However with English wines the perfect match might not always come to mind or to hand, mainly because most English wines are not yet widely known or appreciated. 

We here at Hawkins Bros would like to set that straight and in doing so to issue a challenge! Send us your menus and we'll suggest an English wine to complement your meal. The choices out there are huge and the quality is stunning.

Go on, put us to the test! Stump us and we'll give you a £10 voucher to spend online!