Hiding from Juno, a storm in a wine glass

Whilst Storm Juno raged outside (what happened to G, H and I? The last one I remember was Frank) I was tucked inside our cosy shop looking forward to a drier weekend and a visit from our friends at Upperton Vineyard on Saturday.

Yes, the makers of the wonderfully named sparkling wines Aurora, Alia, Nebula and the rose Erubesco will be here to do an informal tasting from 11.00 on Saturday 30th January. Based just outside Petworth their vineyard is very close to our old stamping ground when James and I had The Halfway Bridge Inn. Andy Rogers will be pouring and telling the Upperton story just outside our shop at Secrett’s.

One day later and “Dry January” will finally stagger to a close, to all of you who managed it, well done now let’s get back to normal. New Government guidelines suggest just drinking one unit a day, I have to admit I’ve been drinking a few days ahead of myself, I’m up to 23rd July 2019 already.